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MSI GT70 Dragon Edition

In recent 2 years, MSI did not focus on the Ultrabook series as many other brands, they mainly focused on high performance of Gaming series Notebooks,

that makes MSI to become a well known gaming products company in the market, also shows how important of the Gaming related market.

and GE series focus on the performance level market with better Cost/Value, so that more consumer could consider their G Hilfiger Outlet E series with better price range.

This time we would like to share the latest version of MSI GT70 The GT70 Dragon Edition.

The GT70 Dragon Edition totally changed with their box design, make it slimmer and with better looks of their dragon logo to impressed gamers and power users.

The ID design of GT70 Dragon Edition.

Compare with their regular GT70, the GT70 Dragon Edition use red metallic cover design with the Dragon Tattoo on it,

that makes GT70 more gaming style and high performance looks.

The metallic cover with normal light will be deep red, but the metal will reflect light of the color with different angle,

so the color of the red will be lighter when outdoor with sunshine.

Besides the box size become slimmer, the interior design is also become better,

every accessory was put with lint bag, makes it looks higher quality with better protection.

On the bottom of the laptop, 4 corners comes with 5 soft pad for stand.

The su Hilfiger Outlet bwoofer of 2.1 channel speaker was placed on the up left side, it presents really good quality on low frequency sound stage.

Battery on the down left side, up right side comes with CPU, GPU(MXM module) and DDR3 DIMMs.

DDR3 designed with 4 DIMMs, use dual channel design and built in with 4GBx2, supports up Hilfiger Outlet to 32GB (8GBx4).

The battery designed with 9 Cell, 7800mAh.

The 180W adaptor was made by Delta with good quality.

Gaming style mouse, it’s 3200dpi optical but good positioning and good handling, but if it’s larger and with laser optical will be better.

The limited accessory is the necklace with the shield o Hilfiger Outlet f MSI Gaming Series Dragon Edition, it’s very special and only comes with GT70 Dragon Edition.