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Hilfiger Outlet MSI Debuts GT660 Gaming Laptop

MSI Debuts GT660 Gaming Laptop With Core i7 CPU

looking enclosures, with loads of black and red to really spice thingsAnybody who has ever been behind the wheel of a snazzy sports car knows that to really enjoy the ride, you have to crank up the tunes on your onboard surround sound stereo as you cruise at high speeds. With the Intel Core i7 processor under the hood, MSI GT660 gaming notebook not only hums like a well tuned sports Hilfiger Outlet car, its body is graced with cool lines that leave other laptops eating its dust. It the racecar of notebooks and it the only NB on the market to come equipped with high fidelity surround sound from world class sound system designer Dynaudio. At the touch of a finger, you can enjoy the ultimate in sound and speed.

The speed of sound, the sound of speed

MSI design team received Germany iF Product Design Award for 2010 design world equivalent of an Oscar, thereby, underscoring its innovation capabilities. In designing the GT660, our team merged the ultimate in art with the height of technology to offer you a combination heretofore found only in supercars.

Forged 3D supercar exterior: MSI glowing white logo is set in the center of the GT660 cover which itself resembles a sports car hood with raised a black diamond trident above a glowing red slash. Around the ebony exterior are other strategically placed ruby red LED lights that smolder to the sounds emitted by the laptop. Furthermore, MSI exclusive hip color film print coating accentuates the GT660 riveting sports car exterior. Design details, like the rhombic pattern on the wrist rest areas and high tech brush finish on the touchpad, add class and texture and underscore the GT660 awesome presence.

The GT660 is stealing the spotlight and the hearts of gamers everywhere. Part of the reason stems from the fact that MSI worked in coordination with world renowned sound system technology Dynaudio to produce the GT660 high fidelity, surround sound design.

Ultimate Dynaudio sound: Dynaudio is not only the apex of the sound system world, it the preferred choice for handmade supercars around the world and its work frequently graces Hollywood blockbusters. In another world first, MSI has now integrated Dynaudio surround sound technology into the GT660 for unprecedented pristine sound.

Superior sound system: The MSI/Dynaudio R team performed meticulous studies to determine the ideal locations for the GT660 speakers. Structural details were tweaked to optimize sound and the sound system field to obtain obstruction free sound transmission. More than 10,000 precision calculations went into determining the ideal location between NB and user and then to redesign the sound card circuitry to maximize the relationship between the speakers and system. Each frequency was tested thoroughly to obtain ideal tone and balance to Hilfiger Outlet ensure balanced ton Hilfiger Outlet e and to produce a high quality driver with next to no coloration. So no matter what kind of music you listen to, you get clean, crisp, high fidelity sound at all frequency levels.

In addition to the cool body and amazing surround sound, the GT660 also b Hilfiger Outlet oasts the ultimate in hardware under the hood, giving it horsepower and blazing speed.

The world most advanced Intel Core i7 quad core processor: Specialized laboratory testing shows that the Intel Core i7 processor boasts superior multimedia performance, so it can retrieve data from Blu ray disks, produce photo projection macros, or update online photo albums twice as fast as conventional duo core notebooks. The Intel Core i7 processor also comes with Turbo Boost dynamic performance adjustment technology which flexibly adjusts processing performance in accordance with application load requirements. This function can further boost processing performance by 30%, so you won be plagued with choppy graphics when you trying to enjoy a multimedia experience.