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Tommy Hilfiger Outlet Mulberry is hotThey hadn e

Mulberry is hot

They hadn even put up the Mulberry for Target display yet; one of their employees was just about to set that up. As I sifted through the cart Tommy Hilfiger Outlet , two ladies informed me that the Tommy Hilfiger Outlet Paramus Target was not Tommy Hilfiger Outlet any better; all the black bags were gone, and one woman griped about how she was just nanoseconds away from getting the last black Patent Satchel, only to see it walk away in another lucky/quicker shopper hands. I gu Tommy Hilfiger Outlet ess the fact that it was Columbus Day and most people are off today worked against me. That, and I apparently should have gotten there when it opened at 8.

So what did I end up snagging? I happened to snatch the last Large Denim Satchel and a Denim Satchel, leaving behind a few Pink Leopard Large Satchels, black Pebble Large Totes and three Denim Satchels. I still deciding which to keep for myself so far, an office vote has the smaller bag winning 6 to 3; feel free to comment your vote below.

The smaller is a prettier bag, can be used daily at work, but I sure if you have extra stuff, or are going to the gym, you just carry two bags for the day. This LOOKS like a prettier bag, so I be more inclined to keep it as well.