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Tommy Hilfiger Mounties advise local business

Mounties advise local businesses to look out for scammers

Coquitlam On the evening of October 20, a quick thinking employee at a business at Coquitlam Centre averted what could have been a PIN pad skimming scam. On this evening, a man walked into the business and advised the employee that he had a work order to upgrade the PIN pad for the new American Express chip cards. The employee felt that the man was in a hurry and appeared to be suspicious. Rather than allo Tommy Hilfiger wing him to proceed, she advised the male she would need to confirm the work order wi Tommy Hilfiger th the manager before he could start.

If anyone comes into your business claiming they have to install anything to your PIN pad and you have no prior k Tommy Hilfiger nowledge of it, we recommend that you verify the claim with your colleagues, said Corporal Jamie Chung. In this case, the employee’s action may have averted many potential skimming scams at the business. After being advised that the work had to be verified with the manager, the male left and never came back. The manager later confirmed there was no work order of any ki Tommy Hilfiger nd for an upgrade.