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Mouse and Garden

It was incredibly simple to grow the trees in containers, wait for the leaves to drop, then move to the garage, where I forgot about them for 6 months.

That’s the part that gets people: not having to take care of them for that long it just seems wrong.

“When I was a kid in the 50’s there were bees everywhere during summer in Seattle. I think that people should be encouraged to plant areas of clover and dandelions in their yards. Maybe a “perfect” yard without natural elements should be shunned as not being GREEN. Instead of perfect “golf course” landscaping, we should value weeds: What is the definition of a weed? A flower that grows without being watered!” Tina, May 7, 2007

I decided to make a post out of Tina’s response to a post of mine from last year (thanks for reading back that far!) because it has so many elements in it.

I share Tina’s sentiment that our perfectly manicured lawns are not natural or ecosystem friendly. Lawns seem to be a hold over from British rule: vast areas of England, Scotland, and Ireland are rolling grassy hills that gave rise to traditions like golf, bowling, and grassy parks. They are difficult to maintain just ask any home owner how much watering, mowing, weed killing, and fertilizing has to be done to keep a green one. Ask any real estate agent if a home will sell without a decent lawn.

However, dandelions, though useful to some species, are invasive this species comes from Europe and Asia. It doesn’t belong in North America, but good luck stopping the spread now. Dandelions do help species of bees, but only because we Americans have destroyed all the natural vegetation that native bees used to thrive on.

Wildflowers and grasses native to the Minnesota region are what you want to plant to help bring back a sustainable ecosystem.

See Landscaping with native plants from the Minnesota DNR.

The problem with doing this seems to be a mental one, as Tina pointed out. Our neighbors will look at our yards and say “weeds!” Several suburbs of the Twin Cities actually have laws wh Hilfiger Outlet ich require a certain percentage of the front yard be lawn (Minneapolis, fortunately repealed those laws.)

The US drought monitor was updated today and once again the Twin Cities has fallen into the category “abnormally dry.” Drought areas to the north have spread.

What makes matters worse for gardeners is that this is a very critical period for both annuals and perennials to get lots of water. Getting lots of rain later in the year won’t help if roots dry up.

Bare root trees you may have planted are also at risk and should receive a 5 gallon bucket of water each week from now until mid June.

Fruit trees may also be at risk for dropping fertilized flower buds that don’t receive enough water.

So, you know what you have to do. This weekend. Don’t delay.

Try Googling “columbine.” You won’t find a mention of the flower until at least 4 pages in, and even then it is an entry from the BBC some where across the ocean where columbine doesn’t grow (naturally, anyway.)

Columbine in native to the Rocky Mountains, from Arizona all the way up into the Yukon Territory.

That’s wher Hilfiger Outlet e I found her: I was 13 and exhausted from a 16 mile trek with a heavy backpack somewhere in the Wyoming mountains. My earth science class (back in the days when Minnesota paid for summer education programs) was forced to take a longer than expected hike when our bus broke down. I hated life. I could only walk a few paces uphill, then stop and gasp for breath.

Finally, after what seemed to Hilfiger Outlet be an eternity, the trail stopped climbing uphill. It opened into a vast flat meadow. And there they were: columbine by the thousands, maybe millions. It was a jaw dropping sight: so much beauty after so much pain. And a strange thing happened: I forgot that I was tired and sore. My legs found a new strength. The climb had been worth it.

I keep columbine in my garden to remind me of that day.

Maybe other people should too. Maybe if everyone grew columbine, a flower would move up the entries of Google and replace a massacre. Maybe there would be a whole meadow of millions of columbine: pain replaced by beauty. Not to forget, but to remember that li Hilfiger Outlet fe is about those rare beautiful moments and we can still experience them.