Hilfiger Outlet MSI Introduces Syren Line Of A

MSI Introduces Syren Line Of Audio Products

MSI is busting out another bag of tricks today, deviating from its usual onslaught of no Hilfiger Outlet tebooks and graphics cards to offer up a number of audio products. The appropriately named Syren series aims to deliver dream worthy sound, and at least initially, the family will consist of the SyrenSound X Fi high end s Hilfiger Outlet ound card, the SyrenPhone Ga Hilfiger Outlet ming headphones and the SyrenSpeaker mini speaker system. Unlike traditional cans, the MSI headphones connect to your PC via a USB port, and there’s also a noise reducing microphone for chatting whilst playing online. Finally, the in line volume control ensures that you won’t need access to your PC’s volume sliding in order to raise or lower the decibels. The cube like speaker Hilfiger Outlet system also connects via USB and includes a Class D amplifier and a mini volume rocker. Unfortunately, MSI hasn’t issued pricing or release details, but specifications are all posted below.