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Tommy Hilfiger Outlet Stores Murder accused gave gold ring

Murder accused gave gold ring to mistress

Klaus Andres, 70, is on trial in the Supreme Court in Cairns over the alleged murder of his wife, Li Ping Cao, 42, on October 30, 2011, at the couple’s Cairns home.

Andres has admitted he caused his wife’s death, bought 60 litres of acid and then dissolved her body in a wheelie bin.

On Wednesday, the third day of the two week trial, Saranrat Kongrat, 35, told the court she met Andres at a Cairns casino on August 12, 2011, while on holiday from Thailand.

Li Ping Cao was in China at the time.

Ms Kongrat told the court the pair began a sexual relationship and had sex five times at Andres’ house before she returned to Thailand on September 4, 2011.

She says she didn’t know Andres was m Tommy Hilfiger Outlet Stores arried and she didn’t tell him that she was married because she could speak very little English.

Ms Kongrat says during her visit to Cairns Andres gave her a gold ring, perfume and clothing.

Tommy Hilfiger Outlet Stores “He told me he loved me,” she told the court through an interpreter.

Andres also told her he wanted to marry her and wanted her to move to Australia.

In a letter to Andres, Ms Kongrat said she wanted to be with him and that she loved him “from the bottom of my heart”.

When Ms Kongrat returned to Thaila Tommy Hil Tommy Hilfiger Outlet Stores figer Outlet Stores nd Andres told her brother, Uthai Ratsu, who lives near Cairns, that he was already married, but wanted to divorce his wife and marry Ms Kongrat.

Mr Ratsu told the court that Andres told him Li Ping Cao was using him for money and that she had lied to him about having a son.

He also says Andres told him he planned to make his wife “uncomfortable” in the couple’s home by refusing to eat and sleep with her when she returned from China.