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Tommy Hilfiger Outlet Stores Murder accused claims witness

Murder accused claims witness stabbed man

A man charged with murdering his friend has told his trial that the State’s main witness was the killer, but admitted that he disposed of the body.

Alan Harte testified yesterday that he saw Kastriot Boza stab Peter Gunn in the chest and the back in Mr Boza’s living room, hours after Mr Boza threatened to kill Mr Gunn.

Mr Harte, aged 33, Clareville Grove, Glasnevin, Dublin, has pleaded not guilty to murdering the Mr Gunn, aged 28, on January 4, 2009, in Cabra Park, Cabra, Dublin.

He testified that he, Mr Gunn and another man had been drinking all day on January 3, and Mr Boza, an Albanian, joined them after midnight.

“Peter was saying to Kastriot Boza: ‘I’m sick of youse foreigners coming in here robbing our women’. Peter was only joking.

“Kastriot Boza was slagging him back, using Peter’s name, saying ‘Peterphile’,” he continued.

He said the deceased responded Mr Boza was the only sex offender there, referencing a time that Mr Boza was questioned following an allegation of sexual assault. The court heard he was never prosecuted for the offence.

“Kastriot Boza went crazy. He to Tom Tommy Hilfiger Outlet Stores my Hilfiger Outlet Stores ld Peter that he’d kill him before the end of the night.”

The accused said that things calmed down and they later left.

He said that the four men went to Mr Boza’s flat, where Mr Boza changed out Tommy Hilfiger Outlet Stores of his suit before picking up a knife.

“Peter seen him pick up the knife. Peter went to stand up but he (Mr Boza) just lashed out into the chest,” he said.

“After he stabbed him first, Peter jumped up and he stabbed him again into the back.”

He said that Mr Gunn then took a l Tommy Hilfiger Outlet Stores ong gasp of breath and that he knew he had died.

“Kastriot Boza wanted to get something to cut Peter up, put him into black bags and throw him in the canal,” he said.

Mr Harte said he and the other man tried to leave but Mr Boza said nobody was leaving until they helped him with the body.

He said that Mr Boza then rang a friend to give them a lift to Dunsoughly Lane in The Ward, where they dumped Mr Gunn’s body in a gap in the ditch.

Both sides have now delivered their closing speeches to the jury, who will today hear a charge from Mr Justice Patrick McCarthy.