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Hi, Mr. Kahn. I really appreciate your site. I live in an apartment, and my building manager has already told me that a punching bag “would not be a good idea.” I was interested in the wall mounted uppercut bags I’ve seen online (Twins, Fairtex, etc.) Tommy Hilfiger . Do you know anything about mounting these the tools one would need, any type of wall they couldn’t go on, etc.? (Unfortunately, I’m not sure what’s behind the paint and spackle on my walls, but I believe it’s brick so no studs e Tommy Hilfiger ither.) I’m just afraid of this thing coming down after one punch, and I can’t find instructions anywhere on the Web. Thank you.

Sorry to be so late in answering your question but I’ve had a very annoy Tommy Hilfiger ing computer problem. I couldn’t keep any browser win Tommy Hilfiger dow open for more than a minute or so before the browser would have a fatal error and close. ahh!

I really don’t have much experience with upper cut bags, but I imagine they are similiar to lighter weight heavy bags.

You might be better off, apartment wise, with a double end bag,for you could attache the bottom bungee to a weight of about 35 50 pounds and not put any weight or strain on the walls or ceiling. It would also allow you to do some “uppercut” style punching.

Here are a few youtube clips that may help.

I suggest you get someone who is “construction literate” to look at your walls and apartment set up to see how a wall hung bag rack might be attached. Sorry this probably wasn’t much help but without seeing the apartment and walls it is hard to make a specific set up recommendation. Good luck with your set up and please be safe when you use it.