Tommy Hilfiger Outlet MSI X340 Slim Core 2 Solo Note

MSI X340 Slim Core 2 Solo Notebook Review

With the exception of netbooks, many laptops today are large and heavy and not the most convenient to lug around everywhere, whether you heading to class or on a trip. I know my personal notebook weighs in at 4.5 lbs with battery, which doesn seem like much until I added in any papers and books that I need to the carrying case and let all of the excess weig Tommy Hilfiger Outlet ht pull at my shoulders for several minutes. A laptop that doesn add a lot of weight to our already burdened loads is just what MSI was going for when they developed the X Slim Series notebooks. The MSI X340 is not just lightweight (2.86 lbs), but it is also of a very slim and unique design. It ranges from 0.24 thick at the front to 0.78 in the back! MSI claims that this is world lightest and slimmest 13 notebook. With the 13 screen and Core2 Solo processor, one would expect more performan Tommy Hilfiger Outlet ce and power than the lightweight laptops that use the Intel Atom processors. At the time of this article, the Tommy Hilfiger Outlet Tommy Hilfiger Outlet MSI X340 Slim Notebooks are going for about $699.99, which is a great price for what it offers!