Tommy Hilfiger Outlet MSU bags DRDO research project

MSU bags DRDO research project on bio

Murugesan, Professor of Sri Paramakalyani Centre of Excellence in Environmental Sciences, Alwarkurichi, a satellite centre of Manonmaniam Sundaranar University.

The project, costing Rs. 14.93 lakh, will be initially operated for 18 months in view of Tommy Hilfiger Outlet the emerging importance Tommy Hilfiger Outlet of clean energy generation for use in automobiles and industries and may be extended further up to three years.

has received wide attention during the last decade as a Tommy Hilfiger Outlet clean energy source having maximum energy content per unit weight among the fuels known and is capable of replacing other polluting fossil fuels. Marine algae contain little cellulose and no lignin, a complex polym Tommy Hilfiger Outlet er that binds to cellulose fibres to harden and strengthen cell walls of plants. Since they contain good sugars, high conversion efficiencies and good process stability is possible, Dr. Murugesan told

The HinduThe anaerobic bacteria chosen for this project will be subjected to produce hydrogen by dark and photo fermentations. Usage of seaweeds as potential source for hydrogen generation through biological routes gained considerable interest recently due to its sustainable nature. The main advantage of this bio energy is absence of environmental emissions, says Dr. Murugesan, whose research team has already demonstrated effective production of hydrogen from a few industrial effluents and agro waste employing microbial techniques.