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Entire fleet to smooth out the city of St. Kay,mulberry alexa, came to the barracks in the suburbs, to assist the army escort duties, Sheng Dike at heavily in the sent St. Kay most famous sulfur light Corps, the first battalion of thousands of people. Note: The configuration and number of continental basaltic Legion, Wu class ten, the company Bai people, thousands of people of the camp, brigade military million, Shi jun five people, the Legion of thousands of people, superior force another war, or war I Tommy Hilfiger Outlet Stores llustrious, underrepresented, but the king will give another Legion name, the military is an honor and a symbol of strength, such as St. Kay sulfu Tommy Hilfiger Outlet Stores r light Legion, Ji Tan rotation ax Corps, Hai Feisi blade cut Legion mused.

“A Puma defended Xiong Gang Su Jie, uniformed men, stature, such as the wind pines, hard stand aloof. Do not underestimate the Legion battalion commander sulfur light, will be able to experience on the mulberry wiki Corps, Brigadier commander of the generation, but its glory, it can never hung up the sulfur light word. “The Yan Yingzhang, the next task to please mulberry color let Crown Prince say to please these two words, which shows you the importance of this mission. “There is no extra language, Yandong away with the military nature of brief and capable. Site in addition to a battalion of cavalry, one hundred first wait Tiance mercenary group, led by Atta, and the remaining three hundred remain in the SRO City, waiting for the will and, while the Fort Tiance left two hundred Silver mercenaries, co ordinated by the wind flow command.

Cooked I do not know Yandong centrifugal group of mercenaries surprised,mulberry color, soldiers when for a long time, as long as you see the other group, sinister vision will shred searching the drawback, Tommy Hilfiger Outlet Stores but you found a group of mercen Tommy Hilfiger Outlet Stores aries, although loose formation, The form of relaxation, but the sword in hand at, as long as there is movement, absolutely can quickly counter attack, did not lax safety. In addition, there are a few older ones, one very familiar tyrants shake sharp eyes revealed, it is in the army for a long time, the unique temperament, I do not know where to come out of a group of players.