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Mulberry Outlet! Morus alba is known as Sang Ye in China where it originated. It was introduced into Europe about 1434 from the Levant where it was cultivated mainly for the purpose of providing food for silkworms. providing an important food for wildlife. In Australian gardens it is welcome as a tasty home fruit, sweet and marketable also. The leaves when fed to silkworms produce a light yellow silkThe tender young leaves are edible in small quantities when fresh or can be cooked as spinach. The leaves are used medicinally for treatment of fever Tommy Hilfiger Outlet Stores and externally for ringworm. The root skin provides a medicine for bronchitis. The fruits which vary from pink to deep red/black are delicious to eat and in China it is regularly recommended to relieve insomnia, flu, high blood pressure, vertigo and other complaints. This is the species preferred by consumers large succulent fruits are delicious and sweeter, more flavoursome than the white mulberry. The unripe fruit when crushed, removes the stains from the ripe and often messy fruit. The leaves produce a lovely golden silk thread when fed to silkworms.

Mulberry Sale trees were planted in the landscape of President Thomas Jefferson 20 feet apart, and the fruit trees lined both sides of the road that extended around the house at Monticello, VirginiaThe silk trade was extremely important in the ancient civilizations in exchanges of fabrics, rugs, etc. The caravans of camels that traveled the “Silk Road” from Turkey to China brought world civilizations in contact with many valuable products back and forth to be tr Tommy Hilfiger Outlet Stores aded, one of the most desirable and important products was silk. The mulberry trees, ‘Morus alba,’ were most desirable for silk production and gradually were filtered from Oriental societies to European fields. Many of these mulberry trees are grow Tommy Hilfiger Outlet Stores n today in Turkey, from where the famous Turkish silk carpets are distributed throughout the worldEarly Americans such as General Oglethorpe hoped to establish the silk industry in the American debtor colonies, but the project was destined for failure for many reasons. The wood of mulberry trees is very soft and is used for many purposes in many nations, but not extensively in the United StatesThe white mulberry, ‘Morus alba,’ with the extremely large crop production of these trees has been observed growing as a fruit tree in North Carolina according to researcher, Russell Smith, in Tree Crops: A Permanent Agriculture that: white mulberry trees planted by a farmer “who kept pigs and claimed that one third their weight was due to the mulberries falling from the trees about 625 pounds of pork to an acre on rather thin, sandy land with little care and no cultivation.” James A. Duke in Handbook of Energy Crops sees the mulberry fruit as a source of energy, “in South Korea on producing high yields Tommy Hilfiger Outlet Stores of ethanol from mulberry trees.”

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